Send Coupons to Your S.O. and Vice Versa

The first and only app that allows you to send personal coupons to your significant other when they've been good! Redeem coupons in the app once they've been used in "real life"

Couple Coupons

How it Works

How to get started and start sending/receiving coupons.

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Explore fun and exciting coupons

The app features hundreds of fun, romantic and practical pre-made coupons ready for you to fill out and send to your S.O. Browse categories like Couples Activities, Food and Beverages, Household Chores and many more.

Send coupons in a jiffy

When having located the coupon you want to send, simply input how many days it's valid for and add your own short personal message (if you want to).

Create your own coupons from scratch

Feeling creative? Create your very own coupon for your partner and make sure that it's exactly what they need! Give it a name, some simple terms and hit send!

Redeem in "real life" in due time

When the coupon has been redeemed in "real life", mark it as redeemed in the app and start earning new ones. Be sure to use your coupon before it expires!

Sneak Peak

Have a look at the different screens in the app and a few coupon examples. The app contains hundreds of coupons so there something for everyone...

Available on iOS and Android

The app is free to download for both iOS and Android and contains free coupons for you to start sending to your partner (and receiving, of course), right away

Applify - App Landing HTML Template